Update from the epicentre of the project

Jemand, der am Laptop arbeitet

...that's what you could call our project "Raum fürs Ankommen" right now. Because we are working and tinkering around the edges. 

Here is a short, very short update on all the wonderful news:

  • Our network is growing: we are working together with the DUG (German-Ukrainian Society) and the Ukrainian Saturday School, we are in professional exchange on pedagogical topics with the SRH University of Applied Sciences, we are complementing the services of the Begegnungsstätte Heidelberg, and much more.
  • Our flyers have been drafted and are currently being professionally designed. We are looking forward to distributing and sending them soon (if you have any further ideas about possible locations to put them, just write to us). The aim is to reach as many children and young people as possible who had to flee from Ukraine!
  • Very exciting: These are the latest leisure activities:
    • A "Youth Club" -> time and space especially for young people
    • Making Christmas cards for family (e.g. grandparents) living in Ukraine
    • Participating and marvelling at science experiments (in planning)
    • Printing T-shirts
    • Building Lego
  • Part of our project is also a handbook for our volunteers, most of whom are lay pedagogues. We are currently working hard on this and are compiling important tips for organising leisure activities in our area. New ideas for leisure activities are always welcome!
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