Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

... and to an equally enriching year 2023!

2022 was a very difficult, intense year for each individual. Many crises were and are present. We were and are all shocked by the war in Ukraine, which unfortunately still continues.

So we are all the more happy to have launched our project "Space for Arrival" and to have taken the first, certainly more than a thousand, steps there.

We have built up a website, created a network of cooperation partners, were at a conference, offers to refugee children and young people have taken place, the has reported about us, we have made a video and written a handbook for committed volunteers..... So much has happened - so much good!

This carries us into the next year and makes us feel positive that we can create a nice leisure time for even more refugee children and young people in their new (temporary) home, that they feel comfortable and arrive. With our recreational activities for refugee children and young people from Ukraine, we are currently the only ones in the area to offer something specifically for this target group. So we hope even more to support this target group in the new year.

And: We are always looking for new volunteers who would like to offer recreational activities. Just get in touch with us!


Finally, we would like to say thank you:

  • First and foremost, we would like to thank the German Foundation for Engagement and Volunteering (DSEE). It made this project possible in the first place!
  • We would also like to thank all our cooperation partners for the stimulating and productive exchange! (to mention here especially: the German-Ukrainian-Society (DUG), the Begegnungsstätte (from the Office for Social Affairs and Senior Citizens), the PH Heidelberg, the Graduate Academy Heidelberg and numerous schools from Heidelberg and the surrounding area).
  • We would like to thank the authors of our handbook from the bottom of our hearts: For all their effort, commitment and successful, practical texts for each volunteer who carries out offers for refugees in our country!
  • From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank our volunteers, those who have already carried out activities for young people with great helpfulness and sincere commitment, and those who will continue to carry out this responsible task in the future. We hope that this handbook will be a good companion for you.
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