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Our room is located in Heidelberg in the district of Handschuhsheim, so it is very easy to reach for many people from Heidelberg and the Rhine-Neckar region.

Normally training in Traditional Taekwon-Do takes place here. But since this is only the case in the late afternoon and evening, we can use the time before that to have offers for refugees taking place here.

The room is wonderfully large with its 170 square meters.

The room...

  • is approx. 90 square meters covered with sports mats
  • has a large mirror front
  • has of course changing rooms, showers and toilets
  • has an entrance area (possibility to store shoes)
  • has a small counter (with coffee machine and water boiler) and a small refrigerator
  • has benches and some armchairs for sitting and watching

What else we can provide:

  • 2 flip chats with paper and pens
  • Digital flip chart
  • crayons & pencils
  • moderation case
  • Post-Ist, moderation cards, writing blocks
  • Another room (in the basement): There is a piano and material for stretching, a punching bag, tools for stretching and various utensils for training (dumbbells, pull-up bar, wall bars, etc.)
  • 55 inch screen
  • professional equipment for photo and film shoots

Do you need anything else for your offer? Please contact us directly and we will find a good solution.

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